Linda Mason Gallery



In all my portrait work my interest is in capturing the beauty of the essence of my subjects.  My best known work is my strong work applying thick, painterly strokes of bright color onto the face and body transforming my subjects, and the surface of their skin into living canvases, then capturing this sensual work through photography, painting, mixed media  and short films. But I also enjoy doing  colorful and expressive acrylic paintings of children  focusing as much attention on their interior nature as their exterior appearance. This is perhaps my most intuitive work.

My artistic career began with makeup.  Working in the world of high fashion and beauty alongside top designers, supermodels, and celebrities.  I became an influential force in my field for my innovative and creative work, particularly in magazines and runway shows.
In August 2014 I made a super short experimental film 7:38mins “First Base” weaving together two passions, the art of makeup and the art of the kiss. This was selected for ASVOFF film festival in Paris and again by NYCIFF in New York city 2015. I followed this with a number of experimental short movies which helped me integrate video into“A Day at The Beach” July11th 2015-Oct 4th 2015, a Commission from the University of Sunderland for The National Glass Centre Museum, Sunderland, England. This was a multi Media Installation with a focus on glass inspired by the children of my old Junior school, an exploration of interplay between the natural and the man-made, an inquiry into the impact of digital technology on art and the experience of child’s-play aspects of creativity. My last show  “Sensory Abstraction , Model as Medium” Dec 2016-Jan 2017 I successfully integrated film into my mixed media artwork.I am currently working on larger scale narrative work and Installations.
2016-17 “Sensory Abstraction: Model as Medium” The Vendome Gallery, NYC. A show of mixed media, paintings and video.
2016 “Jesus falls a second time” Stations of the Cross, St Luke in the Fields, mixed media.
2015 “A Day at the Beach” The National Glass centre Museum UK. A multi media Installation
2015, 2014, NYCIFF Festival October “ASVOFF film festival Centre Pompidou, Paris. November 21,22,23, 2014
2013 “Connections” , Solo exhibit, paintings acrylic on canvas. Studio 59,The Jeorge Napoleon Gallery Brooklyn,NY  New York.
2013 “Moving On”,  Solo exhibit,   a paintings crylic on canvas and mixed media,  The Art of Beauty Gallery, New York.
2012 “Stations of the Resurrections” Group show, acrylic on canvas, St Luke in the Fields NY.
2011 “Ageless Beauty” , Solo exhibit, photography and mixed media on wood. The Art of Beauty Gallery, New York.
2010 “Visitors to the Seafront” , Solo exhibit,  mixed media on wood and acrylic on canvas. The National Glass Centre Museum, Sunderland England., Solo exhibit, mixed media on wood and paintings.
2010 “Spring Masquerade”, The Art of Beauty Gallery, Soho New York. Solo Exhibit, photography and mixed media on wood  , Solo Exhibit, photography and mixed media.
2009 “Gone” , Solo exhibit,  photographyThe Art of Beauty Gallery NYC. , .
2006 “The Art of Beauty”, Solo exhibit, acrylic on canvas paintings L’Artisan Parfumeur, Paris, France.