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NYC Indie FF -Laurel 2015 - BLACK

In “First Base”, this 5.5 min supershort, the director and makeup artist Linda Mason makes magic by weaving together her two passions, the art of makeup and the art of the kiss. The Kiss (“first base”) is the key to the awakening of the senses, yet it is fast becoming extinct as everyone is increasingly in a hurry to get to the “home run” of the final Act. Mason overlays her painterly palette of intense makeup colors on the controlled fluidity of the actors’ and camera movements, engaging the viewer in the deep pleasures and mysteries of kissing. We are reminded that, like all art, First Base requires both passion and patience, and it pays off in its own, incomparable way. The film came together during one week in August, with the help of friends and through the perfect chemistry between the two young actors, Dmitry Korikov and Jenna Earle.

US premiere for FIRST BASE October 15th 2015 7:10PM at the Producer’s Club
Director  Linda Mason
Producer  Nicole Devilaine
Cinematogapher  Mamadou Niang
Actor  Dmitry Korikov
Actress  Jenna Earle
Hair Stylist  Ahbi Nishman
Composer  Abrar Abdo
Music  Lale Lale recorded live by Imperial Tiger Orchestra at Noise Problems

Short Film “First Base” 5mins 38sec. Oct 2014





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